Currently we are backed by national sponsorships such as ACERA, ACESOL and CORFO. Likewise, we mention our international alliances, among which CCENERGIA (Colombia), CAPES (Panama) and ACESOLAR (Costa Rica) stand out.

If you want to sponsor this meeting and be part of the energy change, contact us at info@solarexpochile.com.


CORFO: The “Corporación de Fomento de la Producción” is the agency of the Chilean Government under the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism in charge of supporting entrepreneurship, innovation and competitiveness in the country along with strengthening human capital, technological capabilities and contributing to the economic development of the country.



ACERA: The “Asociación Chilena de Energías Renovables y Almacenamiento” gathers around 130 partners in the entire value chain of the Renewable Energy industry. ACERA seeks environmental protection and sustainable development for Chile, through the promotion of renewable energy and energy storage, its best complement.


ACESOL:  The “Asociación Chilena de Energía Solar” aspires to make solar energy the main primary energy source in Chile. It works with the authorities to generate adequate policies to contribute to the mass use of Solar Energy. In addition, it aims to eliminate entry barriers while promoting tenders and projects in the sector. It groups around 75 members.


CCENERGIA COLOMBIA: The “Cámara Colombiana de la Energía” is an association of companies that supplies goods and services related to the energy sector’s value chain. The companies affiliated to CCENERGIA sell supplies and provide services to generators, transmitters, distributors, marketers, and energy consumers in the country. It reunites around 45 affiliates.


CAPES – PANAMÁ: Non-profit organization whose main purpose is to promote and drive the development of solar energy as a reliable and clean alternative for the growth and expansion of the country’s energy matrix. Bringing together around 30 members from industrial, commercial and international organizations that have the same nature of promoting renewable energy in the world. 


ACESOLAR COSTA RICA: The “Asociación Costarricense de Energía Solar” is a private non-profit initiative whose main objective is to promote the use and development of solar energy in Costa Rica. One of the main activities of the Association is the collaboration and integration of private and public actors in the solar energy sector.


Media Partners

INFOENERGÉTICA: It is an informative digital multiplatform specialized in Energy Engineering, generation sources and new technologies in the Latin American and Spanish market. Oriented to the development and growth of the sector from a training point of view. They have headquarters in Peru and Spain.


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